Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers for popular asked questions about the website and its functionality.

What is 1/10 ranking and how is it calculated?

1/10 ranking is calculated based on the video you are viewing. It takes the previous 9 uploads and compares views on the same time frame. It is a great way to see how a video is performing versus other uploads in the same time period.

Why are there some inconsistencies in your data?

TikTok Stats tries its best to report accurate data, but due to some limitations beyond our control with the TikTok API and how a creator makes changes to their content (unlist, private or delete a video) there are occasional inconsistencies in the data. TikTok Stats makes it clear when data reporting errors are present to help inform the audience.

How do you get your profile and video data?

We source our data directly from TikTok using their Public API and open data from website. While we try to ensure that the data matches the actual data that you can see in the TikTok app or website, there are limitations of the TikTok API and complexities in the process of obtaining public website data that may result in differences in the data you can see in TikTok Stats.

How does TikTok Stats track videos?

We dynamically track videos periodically. The amount of times we update data for a given video throughout the day is dependent upon a variety of factors including profile performance, past video performance, and much more.

Why don't I see my profile?

TikTok Stats is constantly growing our database of profiles. If you happen to not see your profile on, you can manually start tracking it with the press of a button.

I want my data removed from the website

Please email [email protected] with a verified domain and a direct TikTok Stats profile link that you would like to remove. Our team will then start the review process.